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[When 29-07-11 is called, this device will play a custom ringtone. And the caller's device will display the following Caller ID:
[If the the call is unanswered, it will forward the caller to the following message:] Thank you for calling 29-07-11. We're afraid they've been sent to the Abax Morgue and are scheduled for their autopsy at approximately CURRENT TIME. Please leave a brief message to be played at their memorial service or try your call again later. BEEP!
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Cheetara is a Cleric with some spiritual abilities, including a kind of sixth sense. This means ICly, she would have the ability to sense presence of magic or spirits, sense intent or alignment, or generally read emotions without relying solely on speech or body language.

As a player, I don't want to fourth wall or interfere with plots. For example, sometimes it's more fun to not know someone's evil twin is the evil twin. So, to avoid complications, or any godmoding, I've put this post here for fellow players to leave notice on whether they might prefer I don't have Cheetara use these abilities, or have her use them only in certain circumstances.

It will be plausible either way, as she requires some proximity and concentration to do this.

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Aug. 4th, 2011 02:32 am
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Tell Cheetara's mun how she is doing with her puppet.

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